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About Chloé: Hey guys, my name is Chloé & I work with the Angelic realm to gently deliver powerful, uplifting & positive messages to you! Tarot & Angel card readings are a beautiful way of receiving guidance on many different areas of your life & help you overcome any challenges, ensuring you leave feeling clearer, calmer & more connected!

What to Expect in a Reading with Chloé: During a reading with me, you will receive general guidance or have the option to focus on a particular area like career, romance, finance etc. There is also an option to receive a message from a loved one in spirit using mediumship cards.

What Chloé covers: During my sessions, I am only working with the divine light & therefore welcoming positive energies only. I like to emphasise readings are best when received in an open minded manner. We are working with your energy field, therefore there can be infinite possibilities & outcomes. I am just a guide, please always follow your own intuition. I reserve the right to decline particular questions or discuss anyone else.

Upcoming Drop in Sessions with Chloé

  • June 30th