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About Moran: Bonjour, my name is Moran, I am a 35 years old French man who’s been living in the UK for the last 10 years. I am very intuitive and some might say I’m an old soul. I connected with the Tarot when I was around 13-14 years old but I am reading for other people fully since 2020 where my clairvoyance abilities developed very quickly and I felt a calling to help others in times of chaos and uncertainty.

What to Expect in a Reading with Moran: My strong intuition combined to my clairvoyance abilities allow me to give very accurate, empathetic and uplifting readings. My primary goal is for you, as a client, to leave a reading with me feeling reassured, relieved, uplifted and hopeful.

What Moran covers: For ethical reasons I do not cover readings related to financial, medical or legal matters. I do not provide readings involving a 3rd party either (will my ex come back? Is Carl going to fall in love with me? Will Jen lose her job?) as I don’t want to enter someone’s field of energy without them knowing.

Clairvoyant Readings

Moran is an intuitive clairvoyant reader, offering empathetic and uplifting tarot sessions. Her readings provide reassurance and hope, focusing on personal growth and spiritual guidance.

Empathetic and Reassuring Approach

Moran’s empathetic approach ensures that clients feel supported and understood. Her readings aim to provide comfort and clarity, helping clients navigate their challenges with confidence.

Intuitive Insights from a Clairvoyant

With strong intuition and clairvoyant abilities, Moran offers deep insights into clients’ lives. Her readings avoid financial, medical, or third-party issues, focusing instead on providing meaningful and supportive guidance.

Upcoming Drop in Sessions with Moran

  • July 21st

  • July 27th

  • August 11th

  • August 18th