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About Moran: Bonjour, my name is Moran, I am a 35 years old French man who’s been living in the UK for the last 10 years. I am very intuitive and some might say I’m an old soul. I connected with the Tarot when I was around 13-14 years old but I am reading for other people fully since 2020 where my clairvoyance abilities developed very quickly and I felt a calling to help others in times of chaos and uncertainty.

What to Expect in a Reading with Moran: My strong intuition combined to my clairvoyance abilities allow me to give very accurate, empathetic and uplifting readings. My primary goal is for you, as a client, to leave a reading with me feeling reassured, relieved, uplifted and hopeful.

What Moran covers: For ethical reasons I do not cover readings related to financial, medical or legal matters. I do not provide readings involving a 3rd party either (will my ex come back? Is Carl going to fall in love with me? Will Jen lose her job?) as I don’t want to enter someone’s field of energy without them knowing.

Upcoming Drop in Sessions with Moran

  • June 23rd

  • June 29th